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Eppalock Loop via Redesdale, Derrinal, Spillway (125km)




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Fitness Testing

At DeckedOut Coaching our goal is to help you achieve yours. We can provide the full service support from start to finish.

For most athletes, the measure of improvement is to benchmark their fitness level after a few months and compare with their condition at the start of the program.

For many, the way to do this is to conduct an initial test under supervision and controlled conditions. In this way, true comparisons can be made.

The importance of this should not be under-estimated. For instance, there is no point performing a self test time-trial with a tail-wind in the first instance and a head-wind next time. Any improvements will be masked, and the likelihood is that you will become disheartened.

At DeckedOut Coaching we offer a number of alternatives, from the simple to the more elaborate. And our experience with top class riders and organisations such as the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) mean that you are getting cutting edge testing protocols.

Below are a few of our performance testing methods.

Road Test

Using your own bike, we will set up a safe course that you will use to measure your improvement throughout your program. This means that you can also conduct any tests yourself at a time to fit in with your lifestyle and work commitments.

Maximum Heart Rate Test

For many riders a heart rate monitor is a fairly affordable option, and a good indicator of effort.

Using our purpose designed Ergometer, you will undertake a test that will determine your maximum heartrate. From this, we will establish the relevant training levels that you will use throughout your program.

Don't forget - getting fitter is not just about always training to the max. Sometimes you will need to do active recovery rides, and a heart rate monitor is one way to ensure that you are exercising at the correct level.

But before you undertake this test, please ensure that you are physically capable of such activity. You will cycle under increasing load until exhaustion, through gradually increased load every minute.

Maximum Power Test

In this test, you will perform an 8 second sprint using the DeckedOut Ergometer. With our state-of-the-art SRM Power cranks, we will measure the maximum power that you can achieve in this all out effort. At the end of the test you will be provided with a printout of the test, so that you can refer back at a later date.

Lactate Threshold Test

Probably one of the most demanding tests, and exactly the same as World Class riders use. Again, the DeckedOut Ergometer is used to conduct a ramp test to exhaustion. after your warmup you will pedal at an initial load for 5 minutes. At the end of this time, we will take a small sample of blood from your finger or ear, and measure the blood lactate level. The test continues to ramp at 5 minute intervals until you can no longer maintain the set level. At this point the test is concluded. By assessing the increase in blood lactate under increasing loads, we can determine the threshold at which you can perform in a steady state condition. From this, you will receive a map of your training levels.

* Please note: - For all testing you have the option of conducting the test on your own bike, using one of our Elite Power trainers. Riders who have their own power measurement devices such as SRM cranks or Powertap wheels, may find this is more appropriate to their needs, since the results can be compared against normal road riding

DeckedOut Coaching is a proud sponsor of the Regional Academy of Cycling Excellence (R.A.C.E.), supporting developing riders to be all they can be. Find out more at