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Eppalock Loop via Redesdale, Derrinal, Spillway (125km)




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Coaching Programs

Once you have decided that DeckedOut Coaching can assist with your development as a cyclist, then the first step is to talk to us and decide what your goals are.

It isn't necessary to conduct extensive testing to determine your current physiological condition, but you will want to determine a measure against which you measure your improvement. If you do wish to include one of the tests available, then these can be included (at additional cost). This may be in the form of a time-trial around your favourite course. And naturally you will want to ensure that your setup on the bike is suited to you.

The next step is then to devise a program that fits in with your current situation. Work, family and general physical condition all determine what is a suitable level of activity for you.

We can then start to map out a program that will guide you in a structured manner towards your goals. It doesn't matter how long you wish to take to reach your goals, but generally we require a commitment of 3 months.

Your program will be provided back you in written form, as a series of 4-week blocks. At the end of each block, we will sit with you and re-assess your progress to date, and movement towards your target. Unlike some coaching sites, your program will not be an off-the-shelf generic program. We will take into account the number of days that you can train, how much time you have available and any other factors that affect how much time you wish to dedicate to the program

Naturally life throws the odd curved ball at us, and we understand this. By establishing this one-to-one relationship, we can ensure that you are not striving for unrealistic goals. At the same time - expect to be challenged.

Please note: - If you are new to cycling, or have not been physically active for some time, it may be appropriate to have a medical check to assess your current fitness level.

DeckedOut Coaching is a proud sponsor of the Regional Academy of Cycling Excellence (R.A.C.E.), supporting developing riders to be all they can be. Find out more at